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Mary Lou Sicoly

Mary Lou Sicoly

Juno nominated Canadian Jazz Singer Mary Lou Sicoly released her entertaining and delectable album “Lemon Meringue Pie” on April 8, 2022. It is available on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music.

Singles available are “Blame It On My Youth”, “Lemon Meringue Pie”, “Always On My Mind” and on June 11, “My Romance” with more singles to follow every month. Check back here for updates! TapClick on the links below to download or stream now:

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Tel: 647-971-3742
Mary Lou Sicoly
Album Launch

Lemon Meringue Pie Launch

“Lemon Meringue Pie” launched at Toronto’s Jazz Bistro on Tuesday, May 10th, 2022 to a packed house, featuring May Lou Sicoly, Musical Director John Ebata and the “Lemon Meringue Pie” Band with Aaron Ferrera, Patricia Wheeler, John Yelland and Waleed Abdulhamid.

Mary Lou Sicoly and John Ebata perform
Lemon Meringe Pie CD Launch on Tuesday, May 10 2022 at Jazz Bistro in Toronto
About Mary Lou

Mary Lou Sicoly

A versatile talent, Mary Lou Sicoly has sung with everything from big bands to small ensembles as well as solo performances from classical to world to jazz styles.

Juno nominee and recipient of the CARAS (Juno) and TVOntario music awards, she is equally adept in the recording studio, she has written and recorded for children’s albums, jingles and backup vocals for numerous projects.

Mary Lou Sicoly


Mary Lou has toured throughout Canada and the U.S. for festivals in varied musical styles and to exotic places such as performing in the Arctic for Strings Across The Sky.

With all sizes of orchestra or simple piano, she brings an energetic , world-class musical presentation to every performance.

Blame It On My Youth

Mary Lou Sicoly

Lemon Meringue Pie

Mary Lou Sicoly

My Funny Valentine

Mary Lou Sicoly (vocals) & John Ebata (piano/keyboards)

These two Juno nominees just launched Mary Lou’s debut jazz album “Lemon Meringue Pie” followed by East Coast and Ontario tour dates. The album contains American Songbook favourites as well as jazzified singles from Willie Nelson to Earth Wind & Fire. Mary Lou’s vocals and John Ebata’s keyboards are sure to provide pure enjoyment for your special event:

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“I was delighted to play with the Mary Lou Sicoly trio at Manhattans recently. This lady just inspires me with her vocal prowess and formidable performance chops.”
Dr. Patricia Wheeler. Ryerson University; Centennial College and New Horizons Band of Toronto

“Congratulations to you on an incredible show! We were in the balcony on the right side of the stage. Your set, voice, band and stage presence were outstanding. Thank you for sharing your gifts. You are a true inspiration and talent!”
Paula Arciniega, Toronto Artist, Mezzo-Soprano, and Matthew Brooks,

“This was a magical evening. Everything about this show was spectacular from our amazing friend Mary Lou who has the most gorgeous voice and stage presence to an incredible jazz band ensemble. I can’t wait to see you again.”
Ron Huard, Toronto, ON



August 29 Mary Lou Sicoly & John Ebata Manhattans, Guelph ON
October 17 Mary Lou Sicoly & John Ebata Manhattans, Guelph ON
October 24 Mary Lou Sicoly & John Ebata Manhattans, Guelph ON
December 12 Mary Lou Sicoly & John Ebata Manhattans, Guelph ON
August 14 Mary Lou Sicoly, John Ebata, & Mark Riley Wolfville, NS
August 26 Guest soloist with The Travels Band - A Pat Metheny Tribute Kingston, NS
August 28 Mary Lou Sicoly, John Ebata, & Mark Riley West Brooklyn, NS
August 29 Mary Lou Sicoly, John Ebata, & Mark Riley Kingston, NS
September 4 Mary Lou Sicoly, John Ebata, & Mark Riley Dawn Oman Art Gallery, NS
September 18 Guest soloist with The Travels Band - A Pat Metheny Tribute Bridgetown, NS
September 25 Mary Lou Sicoly, Mark Riley, & John Ebata with the Maritime All Star Band WB SpeakEasy Saturday Nights 8-11
October 2 Mary Lou Sicoly & John Ebata Winegrunt Wine Bar, Windsor NS, 7-9
November 6 Mary Lou Sicoly & John Ebata Winegrunt Wine Bar, Windsor NS 7-9
November 7 Guest soloist with The Manning Chapel Choir Acadia University, Wolfville, NS
November 10 Mary Lou Sicoly/Mark Riley/John Ebata with The Manning Chapel Choir The Church Brewing Co., Wolfville NS
November 13 Guest soloist with Waleed Kush African Jazz Ensemble The Oud & the Fuzz, Kensington Market, Toronto, ON
November 27 Mary Lou Sicoly & John Ebata Manhattans, Guelph ON, 7-10
May 7 Mary Lou Sicoly/John Ebata/John Yelland Manhattans, Guelph ON, 7-10
May 10 Mary Lou Sicoly/John Ebata & Band Jazz Bistro, Toronto ON, “Lemon Meringue Pie” Official CD Launch
May 14 Mary Lou Sicoly/John Ebata/Patricia Wheeler Private Function, Toronto ON
May 26 Mary Lou Sicoly & Waleed Abdulhamid Marshall McLuhan Dinner Theatre, Toronto ON
June 25 Mary Lou Sicoly/Mark Riley/John Ebata "Classic Duets", Dawn Oman Gallery, Bridgetown NS
July 2 Mary Lou Sicoly & John Ebata WB SpeakEasy Saturday Nights 8-11, Wolfville NS, “Lemon Meringue Pie” Nova Scotia CD Release
July 3 Mary Lou Sicoly & John Ebata Wolfville Summer Concert Series (Deep Roots Corp.), Wolfville NS
July 9 Mary Lou Sicoly & John Ebata Winegrunt Wine Bar, Special Event, Windsor NS
July 23 Mary Lou Sicoly & John Ebata Oqwa’titek Amphitheatre, Annapolis Royal NS
July 24 Mary Lou Sicoly & John Ebata Nova Multifest, Alderney Landing, Dartmouth NS
September 10 Mary Lou Sicoly Trio Manhattans, Guelph ON
October 1 Mary Lou Sicoly & John Ebata Sault Community Theatre, Sault Ste. Marie ON
November 9 Mary Lou Sicoly & John Ebata Hirut Cafe, Toronto ON
November 12 Mary Lou Sicoly & John Ebata Gig Space, Ottawa ON
November 26 Mary Lou Sicoly/Mark Riley/John Ebata "Classic Duets" & "Lemon Meringue Pie", Evergreen Theatre, Margaretsville NS
December 15 Christmas Show with Mark Riley & Friends Church Brewing Co., Wolfville NS
February 7 Mary Lou Sicoly & Friends Jazz Bistro, Toronto ON
February 11 Mary Lou Sicoly Trio Manhattans, Guelph ON
February 16 “Songs For Humanity” workshop with Mary Lou, John & Waleed Marshall McLuhan CSS, Toronto ON
April 1 Mary Lou Sicoly & John Ebata ”Lemon Meringue Pie”, Bridgetown NS
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Six Dynamix Agency.
Tel: 905-334-2305
Classic Duets Live

Classic Duets Live

Classic Duets Live team together Nova Scotian award-winning male vocalist with Juno nominated Ontario female vocalist and Canada's most in-demand one-man orchestra, and you have CLASSIC DUETS LIVE.

They perform all the top duet songs of all musical styles over the decades in multiple languages and from stage display global multi cultural diversity including all the races of Indigenous, Afro American, and European.

Watch demo reel on YouTube

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Mary Lou Sicoly & Waleed Kush
Waleed Kush African Jazz Ensemble

Team together Mary Lou Sicoly and Waleed Kush African Jazz Ensemble and you have a “double bill” of exciting , infectious rhythms with catchy melodies and lyrics from “Songs For Humanity”.

Addressing the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion message, phrases and verses are sung in multiple languages, through music, our common communicator.

Watch "We Will Rise" on YouTube

View Press Kit For Waleed Kush African Jazz Ensemble

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John Ebata

John Ebata

John Ebata is respected in all the extended categories of musician, songwriter, producer, musical director, arranger and recording engineer.

John is a third generation Japanese - Canadian although his musical work has been with cultures from around the world.

He was recording engineer for Juno nominated jazz albums, Black Music Composer’s Award for song of the year and performed/recorded with the likes of Buffy Sainte Marie, Oscar Peterson, Morris Albert, Jack Lenz, Alan Parsons and Waleed Abdulhamid.

Patricia Wheeler

Patricia Wheeler

Patricia has performed throughout North America with artists that include Michael Burgess, Patty Page and Regis Philbin. She is a longtime member of the JUNO Award® winning Neufeld-Occhipinti Jazz Orchestra, and has contributed to the pit orchestra of the Shaw Festival Theatre through several productions.

Her compositions and arrangements have been performed by big bands, concert bands, choirs and soloists. Her debut album, “The Absolute Faith Orchestra”, was called “an astonishing recording” by the Toronto Star music critic, Geoff Chapman.

Patricia holds a B.F.A. (Honours), M.A. and a PhD in music and teaches at Centennial College and Ryerson University.

Mark Riley

Mark Riley

Mark has lived, loved, and epitomized music all his life, and is also known as the man with the bands! He is the recipient of the 2021 ANSMA “Rising Star” Award.

He has recently collaborated with Toronto Musical Director John Ebata and singer Mary Lou Sicoly to produce a “Classic Duets” album. Mark recently released an award-winning CD titled “One Step” in 2020. Mark also has credits for a film soundtrack, another CD and 2 Compilation CD`s.

Mark is also working on his second solo CD PM Blue to be soon released later this year.

Aaron Ferrera

Aaron Ferrera

Aaron Ferrera is a Toronto based drummer and composer.

Aaron has been blessed to play with such artists as Jon Anderson from Yes, Jazz and R&B phenom Jackie Richardson, The Blushing Brides, Lisa Lougheed and many others in a myriad of musical styles.

As a composer Aaron has scored two full length feature films, three short films and many radio and TV jingles.

Waleed Abdulhamid

Waleed Abdulhamid

Waleed Abdulhamid is a Canadian multi-instrumentalist, composer, vocalist and film producer and is known for his striking vocals, innovative bass technique and his speed and precision on percussion.

He has been an active member of the Toronto music scene since his arrival from the Sudan in 1992. His awards include two DORA awards and Canadian Film Board of Excellence Awards. Waleed is a Professor and faculty member of the Music Degree Program at Humber College and University of Toronto.

Waleed, along with Mary Lou Sicoly and John Ebata has been collaborating on “Songs For Humanity” an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion project to be launched in Spring/ Summer 2022.

John Yelland

John Yelland

John is a native Torontonian and started playing string bass in Grade 6, and electric bass a year later. He studied, graduated and then taught at Humber College in Toronto.

He has played with a variety of artists, including Morris Albert (Feelings), Filo Machado (Brasil), TO Tango, Banda Brava, Randy Bachman, Mick Goodrich, Ronnie Earl, Frank Gambale, Liberty Silver, Lorne Lofsky, Kay Lyra, and many others from South and Central America, Sri Lanka, India and Iran.

John continues to perform and write music in Toronto.

Nicholas D’Amato

Nicholas D’Amato

Before relocating to Nova Scotia two years ago, Nicholas D’Amato was a freelance bassist in New York City.

Nicholas has performed in more than thirty countries and on some of the world’s most prestigious stages. He has played The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jazz at Lincoln Center, The Hollywood Bowl, Montreux Jazz, North Sea Jazz, among many others.

He has released a solo record, Nicholas D’Amato’s Royal Society – Nullius In Verba (Buckyball Records) and is working on a follow up currently. Nicholas is the bass instructor at Acadia University.